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Glamouria Magazine June 2018 Issue

THE RUNWAY ISSUE is finally out..!!! Once again, HUGE THANK YOU to all contributors for making this possible...!!!

Submitter, Please check your email, i sent high rest digital tear sheets to each one of you, please feel free to share them with all your talented team members at your best convenience!

If anyone wishes to see the online version, please visit www.GlamouriaMagazine.com ==> Publications ==> The Runway Issue ==> and push the SEE CONT button..!! and for those who wish to buy a print copy of this incredible Magazine, please feel free to order it directly from MagCloud..!!! you only need to push the BUY IT button..!!!

Thank you so much to all contributors for making this happen, Contents for June issue are as follow:

04 – Brian Pierce with Shannon Holland

08 – Olga Hutsul with Jessica Gagnon & Layla Ryan

12 – Juan Rodriguez with Rylee Wolf

16 – Brian Pierce with Ramona Berryman

20 – Shelley Kline with Romy Done

24 – Wayne Ferguson with Bethany Insely

26 – Francesco di Maio with Mariana Carvalho

32 – Brian Pierce with Zoe Tresize

36 – Kaley-lynn A. Hewitt with Katie Caldwell

38 – Brian Pierce with Rebecca Williamson

42 – Brian Pierce with Ramona Berryman

46 – Brian Pierce with Dan Pascoe

48 – Olga Hutsul with Mohammed Junaid

52 – Juan Rodriguez with Fady Zablouk

58 –Alessio Ferracuti with Vidhu Kuthoor

*** Cover credits goes to: ***

* Photographer: Francesco di Maio

* Model: Mariana Carvalho

* Hair Stylist & MUA: Marko Urbani

* Styling: Elisa Vissani

For those interested in participate, please visit www.GlamouriaMagazine.com for terms, conditions & contributor compensation. . And don’t forget to follow @GlamouriaMagazine on instagram..!!! and visit and like the official Facebook page by clicking the link ==> https://www.facebook.com/GlamouriaMagazine/

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