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Glamouria Magazine February 2018 Issue

February issue is finally out..!!! HUGE THANK YOU to all contributors for making this possible...!!!

Submitters, Please check your email, i sent high rest digital tear sheets to each one of you, please feel free to share them with all your talented team members!

Im working hard to put an online "Flip Book" on Glamouria Magazine website for those who wish to see the whole publication...!!! but in the meantime, if you wish to buy a hard copy of this incredible Magazine, please feel free to order it directly from MagCloud..!!! you can find the link @ www.GlamouriaMagazine.com

Once again, Thank you so much to all contributors for making this happen, Contents for February issue are as follow:

04 - Damian Walls with Clare Nixon & Brooke Finato 08 - Biren Bhalla with Brittney St.Amant 10 - Biren Bhalla with Brittney St.Amant 14 - Images by Dyrek with Danielle Nesbitt 16 - Ori Carmona with Kate Fox 18 - Kristoffer Eide with Ingrid Normann 22 - Shivani Varma with Alex Moon 24 - Shivani Varma with Iranna Baniasadi 25 - Shivani Varma with Rae Luira 26 - Shivani Varma with Saerom Jo “Joy” 28 – Juan Rodriguez with Kat Ess 32 - Olga Hutsul Photography with Mariya Miloshevych 34 - Olga Hutsul Photography with Araina Nespiak 36 – Juan Rodriguez with Elka Guilbert 40 - Robert MacNeil with Ana Eve 44 - Alejandro Pinilla Diaz with Mei Lin Chen 46 - Graham Walker Photography with Milena May

*** Cover credits goes to: *** * Photographer: Kristoffer Eide Portfolio: www.kristoffereide.com IG: @eide_fotografi

* Model & MUA: Ingrid Normann Portfolio IG: @ingrid_normann

For those interested in participate, please visit www.GlamouriaMagazine.com for terms, conditions & contributor compensation.

And don’t forget to follow @GlamouriaMagazine on instagram..!!! and visit and like the official Facebook page by clicking the link ==> https://www.facebook.com/GlamouriaMagazine/

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