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Glamouria Magazine Launching Day!

Happy Birthday Glamouria Magazine..!!!!

Im proud to announce the launch of a new Glamour/Beauty and high end Fashion Magazine that will showcase the true photography art from Amateur & Professional photographers around the world..!!!

It been quite a journey since i started this new project 3 months ago, following a couple of incredible Magazines with huge success, and finally, the first issue is out...!!!!

Glamouria Magazine was created to showcase only the best of alternative photographs from amateur and professional photographers around the world, giving all contributors not only the opportunity to be published and showcase their art to others but also receive recognition and be compensated for their support!

Only a small group of Friends and talented photographers & models knew about this project, Thank you to all our contributors for such incredible support, the first issue of Glamouria Magazine couldn’t be launched without your help..!!!!

And of course, a huge THANK YOU to our first Magazine Cover model Natalia Hopman for such incredible display of professionalism and support, She truly deserve to be in the front cover of the first issue..!!!

For those interested in participate, please visit www.GlamouriaMagazine.com for terms, conditions & contributor compensation.

And don’t forget to follow @GlamouriaMagazine on instagram..!!! and visit and like the official Facebook page by clicking the link ==> https://www.facebook.com/GlamouriaMagazine/

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