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7Hues Magazine Beauty & Fitness Published Work - Brian Emmanuels & Cadence Oatt

What a HUGE accomplishment to be Published in 7Hues Magazine Beauty & Fitness Issue # 17.

The Magazine was just released today May 6th 2017... 9 pictures where selected and published in 6 long pages for this incredible publication...

What an incredible sensation of joy for such honor... not to mention they got also published on Femme Rebelle Magazine in the May 2017 Issue..!!!!

Thank you both Magazine for such support...!!!

If you wish to buy a hard or digital copy of this amazing Magazine and support the people who gave us the chance to be published one more time, please feel free to click the link below..


Congrats Brian Emmanuels & Cadence Oatt... you got Published in 1 of the most incredible Magazine ever..!!!

If you want to see more of this incredible picture set, feel free to check my On-Location page

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