• Juan Rodriguez

Femme Rebelle Magazine Published Work - Sarah Welch

We did it again.... Once again my work got published today.... FEMME REBELLE MAGAZINE honored me by publishing a couple of pictures of SARAH WELCH in the November issue... my TOP 4 models got an immortality place in the modeling industry...!!!!

Thank you SARAH WELCH for your dedication and hard work... you know your place in my book...!!!!!

* 1st Submission attempt = Accepted and published by LSH Magazine✓ - Jaclyn Danielle

* 2nd Submission attempt = Accepted and published by FRM ✓ - Sarah Welch

* 3rd Submission attempt = Accepted ✓ (pulled out by model request)

*4th Submission attempt = Accepted & confirmed to be published in December by FRM ✓ - Jamie Walters

i can't wait for the December Issue..!!!!

if you want to see the published pictures of Sarah Welch on Femme Rebelle Magazine, please check the GLAMOUR page

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