• Juan Rodriguez

On-Location - Fitness Photoshoot with Jamie Walters

Today photoshoot road trip to London, Ontario...!!!!

On-Location Fitness photoshoot with the gorgeous and super talented Jamie Walters.... trying to payback her initial trust on me after she hit the road all the way from London to my home studio in Pickering... And well, this was an extraordinary experience from the beginning til the end not to mention my photography mentor Maruf Hossain tagged along for this photoshoot.... And if that is not enough, the owner of ShowTymeFitness let us do this on a closed door session... just for us..!!!! incredible facility to have a fitness photoshoot.... just an incredible place to work... Thank you Ian and Jade for let us do this...!!!!

People invoived in this photoshoot:

Model: Jamie Walters

Photographer: Juan Rodriguez

Photographer Advisor: Maruf Hossain

Facility: ShowTyme Fitness

Here a couple of Behind The Scenes picture and having fun after the shoot...!!!! and if you want to see the final pictures, please feel free to take a look at my Sport/Fitness page.

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