• Juan Rodriguez

Behind The Scenes - Sarah Welch

Once again, i had an incredible photoshoot experience with two of my favorite models Sarah Welch & Kenzie Kroonenberg @ Ken Reid Conservation Area in Lindsay, Ontario... 3 different themes, Summer, Mud and the American Indian headdress...

I couldn't be more happy and proud to be part of this photoshoot... pictures came out unbelievably beautiful... i couldn't ask for better models to rock all 3 concepts not to mention the amazing makeup work done by super talented Alyssa McCarthy... wow..!!! she is also unbelievable.!!!!

Here is a Behind The Scenes video that shows how the makeup was done.... and if you want to see the final pictures of these amazing concepts, please feel free to visit the On-Location page..!!!

Statement: The headdress concept is a part of my vision as a photographer, i never intended to disrespect the American Indian Culture or tried to mock it, i created art with it, not trashed it... i hope you liked it as much as we do.

Thank you for all the support..!!!

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