Outdoor Lighting Workshop

Luana Nudi

The workshop is tailored for beginner and intermediate photographers who are looking to learn how to use strobe lights in an environment outdoor location and start to build a portfolio. You’ll learn how I work and get to see the cameras, lenses & light setup that I use for my outdoor photography. You’ll not only see and learn techniques I’ve been published in magazines but get to practice them as well. You won't need anything but your camera and your enthusiasm..!!! i will provide all lighting equipment for such incredible experience..!!!

How Workshop will Work

The Workshop will be for 4 lucky photographers, this workshop will be focusing on Fashion/Glamour using High Sync Strobes & speedlites to over power the sun light.

Each photographer will have the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with the model on 3 different 10 minutes rotating time (most of the workshops out there give you two 5-7 minutes rounds).

When all photographers end the first 10 minutes round, Model will change outfit and the 2nd round will start immediately, at the end of the 2nd 10 minutes round, the model will change one more time for the final 10 minutes round.

When each photographer complete the 30 solid minutes, Model & photographers will sign a Non-Commercial release form and then Workshop will be concluded..!!!

What to Bring

* Canon, Nikon or Sony Camera with a working flash hot-shoe. (Please Click HERE to see the Flash Trigger compatibility)

* Lens from 24mm to 200mm

* Full charged battery

* Formatted memory card


This workshop will be host around Pickering limits. Awesome location with incredible scenic view.


If forecast if not in our favor (rain, overcast, etc) workshop can be in studio or we can refund your money before July 12th.

July 14th, 2018

$85.00 CDN

4 Spots Available


Private Session

Private 1-on-1 Session with the model can be arrange after the general workshop, during this time you can certainly create your own and unique art for an additional fee... This private session will be 20 minutes long and can be booked and purchased by contacting us prior the event.