Kristie Abi

The workshop is tailored for all photographers level who are looking to learn studio light setup and add incredible pictures to the portfolio and of course get into the Glamour / Creative Photography, also what to expect when you work with a professional Glamour/Fine Art Nude model.


The workshop will be focusing on THE BLACK TAPE PROJECT but also we'll be offering 2 more glamour/creative looks.

You will also receive very helpful tips on lighting, posing and composition techniques that will help you in your progress photography skills.

Our model for this incredible workshop is a very experienced and talented professional Glamour/Fine Art Nude model based in Toronto. Kristie has been modeling around the GTA for the last 4 years and her experience is reflected in her empathetic nature and appreciation for the artistic process.


Those who tried to work with Kristie before, they should know that her usual rates are MUCH higher when she is hired outside of this workshop.

If you have been wanting to work with her, here is your chance!

IMPORTANT: We want to remind all our attendees to behave at all time and treat with respect and professionalism to our model and host. 

How Workshop will Work

This Workshop will host a maximum of 6 photographers... (you will need to RSVP to secure your spot)


Each photographer will have the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with the model on 3 different 3-4 minutes rounds.


When all photographers end the first round, Model will change outfit and the 2nd round will start immediately, at the end of the 2nd round, the model will change one more time for the final round.


We can guarantee the 3-4 minutes rounds will be MORE THAN ENOUGH! (This is subject to change depending on attendance).

At the end of the workshop, model & photographers will sign a non-commercial release form and then Workshop will be concluded..!!!


October 6th, 2018

$105 CND

What to Bring

* Canon, Nikon or Sony Camera with a working flash hot-shoe, other camera brands may be compatible (Please Click HERE to see the Flash Trigger compatibility)

* Lens from 24mm to 200mm

* Full charged battery

* Formatted memory card


Free parking for those who attend the workshop.