Terms & Conditions

We welcome submissions from photographers, female models, make-up artists and designers under the following guidelines:

1. All submission should be between
6-15 images. If your submissions are over 10 images, we won’t publish all images, a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 4 will be chosen, unless it is a cover story or special feature. Once your submission is accepted for publication the files sizes required are 8.5" x 11" for Portraits. We use mostly portrait images, the less landscape is better since. Images can be in color or black & white in a high-resolution jpeg format (300dpi with at least 2500px on the longest side). IMAGES MUST BE UNPUBLISHED BOTH ONLINE AND IN PRINT. IF YOU SHARE YOUR IMAGES PRIOR TO PUBLICATION THEN YOUR CONTENT WILL BE PULLED.

PLEASE do not submit low-res images or PDF composites. We need to see your images in the highest resolution to assess their quality for print. Use 
DROPBOX. Low-resolution images simply re-sized will not be accepted - the quality is too poor. When you submit please include all credits in a .TXT file, PLEASE make sure to double check the right spelling of your team since we will SELECT, COPY and PASTE all the names from your TXT file.

We will inform you of our decision within 1 week and if successful we will email you asking once again for credits and a signed release form. 

Put all your high res images in a dropbox folder and share at If you are NOT the copyright holder (ie the photographer, or got a buyout) then you must get permission from them before submitting. We will not accept submissions without signed permission from the copyright holder. By signing our release form, YOU are signing as the legit copyright holder. Is your responsibility to make sure to notify your creative team about your submission.


You hereby hold harmless and release and forever discharge Glamouria Magazine from all claims, demands, and causes of action which you, your heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on your behalf or on the behalf of your estate have or may have by reason of this authorization.

2. How many of your images are placed depends on the quality and variety of your submission. Anyone involved in the creation of the images can submit:  Photographers, models, makeup artists, and designers can submit but we will need our release form signed as proof that you claim to be the legit copyright holder. PLEASE read above for more info.

Once again, We need 6-10 images and most of them should be in the portrait or vertical format if possible. Horizontal or landscape images are welcome but PLEASE make sure the main focus of your image is NOT in the center - central parts of the image are hidden in the bookbinding. 



**** Legal ****

By submitting photographs to GLAMOURIA Magazine you are granting full publication rights of these photos for Online and Printed Distribution.

The Photos are non-exclusive to GLAMOURIA Magazine, so can still be summit by the models and photographers in other places, but again, images must be previously unpublished.

We retain the full rights to publish, edit, retouch and reproduce photos for GLAMOURIA Magazine and its publications.

It is normal for GLAMOURIA to retouch, color correct and even reshape photos for publication purposes. Especially covers & key promotional items.

Once photos have been submitted to GLAMOURIA Magazine, approved and deployed in the magazine, If requested to remove images from a deployed magazine, we reserve the right to decline this request. 

On the basis of full publication rights as listed above.

We are under no obligation to publish specific photos or photo sets, this is purely at the editor's discretion, if this is unacceptable then do think before you submit.