GLAMOURIA Magazine is a monthly OPEN theme submission-based magazine focused on showcase the professional and amateur photographers artwork world-wide..!!!

GLAMOURIA Magazine gives the opportunity to those who are looking to expose themselves to the world. Creative people who like to get published and show the world what they've got. 

We are focusing on Glamour, Beauty & High-End Fashion Photography with a little bit of twist..!!! but the main focus is to showcase the art of photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and designers in one incredible magazine.

We accept a wide range of photography submissions including Glamour, Lingerie, Swimwear, Tattoo Models, Cosplay, Entertainment, Automotive, Fine Art Nude... Other kinds of photography assets may be accepted.

GLAMOURIA Magazine will try to make a minimum amount of profit by giving ALL our contributors
High Res tear sheets for portfolio use plus we'll give to all our contributors the opportunity to compete for the issue cover each month! and if that is not enough, The submitter that get the cover will receive a FREE print copy courtesy of Glamouria Magazine!, however with this being a print-on-demand magazine, we do not give away a print or full digital copies to all contributors on regular basis.


GLAMOURIA Magazine runs to about 30-50 pages each issue to keep the cost of PRINT low (most print-on-demand magazines run to 100-130 pages) therefore we think GLAMOURIA Magazine make an exceptional value for a glossy book of this type!